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Rev. Dr. Lonnie Richardson

Sunday Worship  9:30 am

We offer:
* Casual atmosphere
* Traditional and Contemporary music
* A safe place to explore the Christian faith
* Safe Child Care and Sunday School
* A place where all people matter
* Warm friendly fellowship

Children are Welcome!
A staffed nursery is available for children
under five. Older children are encouraged
to participate in our exciting Sunday school

N34 W23575 Capitol Drive
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Phone: 262-695-9695

For directions to the Worship
Center/Campus, click on the
link or map below.

N34 W23575 Capitol Drive
Pewaukee, WI 53072

N34 W23461 Capitol Drive
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Stephen Ministry 

Stephen Ministry is part of our congregational care at Fox River Congregational Church.


Click HERE or on menu tab at top of page to see the new MISSIONS Video page. Videos include our recent Nicaraguan Mission and a video about Mission School of Hope.

In-Person Worship 9:30



Lent is a time of preparation and an opportunity to go deeper with God. A time for reflection that prepares our hearts and minds for Good Friday and Easter.

Sermon: Confidence In Difficult Times
“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me if you understand.” Job 38:4

A pastor once said, “The world would be a better place if each person began their day by praying: You are God and I am not.”

That’s pretty good lifetime advice. And it is especially true when tragedy or difficult times come upon us. Sometimes bad events have no explanation. Pundits gleefully leap on tragedies and say ‘see, here is proof there can’t possibly be a loving God.’ Well, that assumes we can comprehend God. The book of Job makes it clear we cannot. Here is one small example of not comprehending the plans of God, our creator.

In 1999, an unexpected corporate downsizing of executives left me jobless. My marriage crumbled, I got depressed and ultimately lost everything. My friends assured me I was a decent guy and good would come out of the events. Yeah, right, I thought. To survive I took a sales job far from friends and family. After a lifetime of doing in-house marketing, I would be selling face-to-face for a Fortune 100 package delivery company.

Mostly I hated it. I couldn’t sleep. I reviewed all possible outcomes for the next day. I was exhausted. Finally I prayed ‘You are God and I am not,” and turned it over to HIM.

Almost immediately, I began to experience what Paul talked about in Romans 5. Through perseverance, learned to be good at very complex sales. I began to like the challenge. Once I succeeded at doing something difficult that was absolutely unrelated to my past, I got confident. My character changed. I became more fearless dealing with challenges. When I became fearless I had hope that I could rebuild my life. And I did. It took 10 years but I did it. I succeeded in this company on a scale I couldn’t have imagined.

And I like where I am now– doing lots of things for a church that requires a lot of fearlessness. God had a plan that was so exquisitely intricate I still cannot comprehend it.

Challenge & Meditation for the week: Your challenge is to speak the words ‘You are God and I am not.” each day. Meditate on the meaning of those words. A pretty stark contrast, huh? But that’s the point. He is the creator of everything. How can we presume to comprehend the reason for our current struggle when, as God told Job “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?” We often mindlessly say God loves us. He certainly does. But we forget about the part in Genesis where we are reminded: He is God and we are not. Thinking of God as creator is a good start to anticipating the sacrifice He made for us with His only begotten Son this coming Good Friday.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, you are God and I am not. Increase my faith to trust and love you with all my heart, mind and soul. And give me the strength to love others with the same love I give myself.

Service If you did not see the Online service for Feb 21, please go to: OR

Submitted by: Phil York. Retired Marketer, Sales person. Serves/Served on: Discipleship, Evangelism, Video Production, Lay Ministry, Faith Festival (Band Together), Web Site development.


NOTE: THE ON LINE VIDEO will NOT be available to play until 9:30AM  Each Sunday, at 9:30AM a video box will appear RIGHT HERE above the worship logo.  All you will have to do is click play. 

FOR THE BEST RESOLUTION, CLICK ON THE YOUTUBE SYMBOL ON THE VIDEO.   OR,  click the link below and watch it on the Youtube site. To watch on YouTube or Facebook (at 9:30AM SUNDAY), here are the links.  YouTube:    Facebook:


Giving on-line is easy at any time, but during the Coronavirus period it is vital to the well-being of our church.  Please note that our giving page not only allows one-time giving but importantly, it enables you to make repeat donations. So if you are a church member you can easily automate weekly or monthly contributions to keep up with your 2020 Estimate of Giving. CLICK HERE to go to the Giving page.

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request (or any other pastoral request), please click here, fill out the contact information, click SUBMIT and your request will be forwarded to Pastor Lonnie.


Lent is a time of preparation and an opportunity to go deeper with God. It is a time for personal reflection that prepares our hearts and minds for Good Friday and Easter.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

Proverb 19:21

People often ask, ‘Why are we here?  What is my purpose?’  As Christians we know God has a purpose for us, although we can struggle to find ‘exactly’ what that is for us individually.  This Sunday, Pastor Lonnie referred to Mark 10:35-45, where the Bible tells us our purpose is ‘servanthood’; Serving God and serving each other.

My own personal reflection, if I am totally honest with myself, I sometimes volunteered to serve others for my own benefit.  I had various reasons for serving or volunteering, i.e., ‘looks good on my resume’; ‘accolades from peers/ co-workers/ my boss; student success equals ‘my’ success, need to fill some empty time.  From the outside, I was a good person doing good deeds.  Yet my personal satisfaction still felt empty.  I have found that when I shift my focus on to doing these ‘good deeds’ to fulfill God’s purpose the emptiness is filled with abundance and humility.  It still looks good on a resume, I still receive accolades, I can still take pride in my students’ success, those things don’t stop, but the impact is different.  I can take the accolades with humility knowing God is smiling and walking beside me.  My focus becomes clearer, and my drive to put my all into it, stronger. Serving God through serving others, brings a deeper more satisfying result for the one’s I am helping and for me.

  I continue to have to pause and remind myself of the ‘purpose’ of my service.  My service to others needs to be more than actions, it needs to be motivated and grounded in the desire to honor God. (Proverbs 19:21) Service to God and others can take many forms, it isn’t always done in committees or organizations.  It can be as simple as smiling and greeting a stranger in the supermarket, allowing God’s love to come through us.

As we reflect this Lenten season, let us remember how our Lord, Jesus Christ, was willing to fulfil His purpose for all of us. How are you fulfilling God’s purpose for you?  Are you allowing God to be ‘your’ helper in achieving your life’s purpose?

Meditation focus:  In the message this week, Pastor Lonnie spoke of the 3 types of life levels: Survival, Success, and Significance.  Which level best describes where you are?  Where do you want to be and how are you going to get there?

Prayer:  Loving God, keep us aware of each other’s needs.  Help us to fulfill your purposes for our lives. We thank you for loving and caring for us.  Amen

*If you did not have an opportunity to see the Online Service on Sunday, please go to the link below and let PEACE fill your hearts not just for the day but for every day. OR you can catch it at

  Submitted by: Joyce Hawkins, member, retired teacher, serves on Discipleship

team, Cleaning Crew, Confirmation Teacher. 

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Worship continues on-line as well as in person. 

For online worship, each Sunday, at 9:30AM a video box will appear RIGHT HERE beside the worship logo.  All you will have to do is click play. 

If for some reason you prefer to watch on YouTube or Facebook (at 9:30AM SUNDAY), here are the links.  YouTube    Facebook

In-person workship also continues at 9:30AM in the Worship Center.  Masks required and social distancing observed.

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